Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I love Plein Air . Pasadena in August 2012

Hi, everyone:
Sharing several plein air. I really had a good time doing the painting there.
I set my painting tools on the hill facing the San Gabriel mountains.  This was a amazing view. I love it.

Pasadena City Hall 7"x10" 1hour
California blue sky is so harmonized with the white wall of the city hall in sunset. 

The Christian church in front of PCC 7x10
I heard the hymn loud and clear while I was sitting across the street. I like that peaceful moment. 

San Gabriel Mountains
An astonishing view.

Colorado St. by PCC

Green Catle

Sunset San Gabriel Mountains, 4th floor from the Jackson Howard Motel

Sunset Pasadena City Hall 
Factory, South campus of ACCD

Sunset San Gabriel Mountains.

Sunset hill with houses

Mountain view from ACCD 

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